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What are PVC ID Cards?

What are PVC ID Cards?

Having ID cards is a critical part for efficiency and security of your business. Haoyinjia recommend that you use 100% PVC ID cards. Let‘s take a look at what a PVC card is and why it is such a great ID card solution.

PVC Cards Defined
A PVC card is a plastic card composed of a graphic-quality version of a known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is known for its durability, flexibility and versatility. PVC cards are generally considered the best solution for producing ID cards

Are there different types of PVC cards?
PVC cards can come in many different forms so that you can have the exact custom ID card solution that you need. This includes the size and the embedded features that your cards possess. Also, for those organizations that wish to be as green as possible, you can obtain PVC cards made of recycled materials.

How can PVC ID cards be secured?
A PVC ID card can be secured by the ID card security technology that you want it to have. This includes solutions like magnetic stripes and newer, more high-tech security features like smart chips.

Which PVC ID card security feature should I choose?

Visual security

This should always be the first line of defense provided by your PVC ID cards. Maximizing the visual security capabilities of your PVC ID cards means going beyond a simple picture ID, which can be easily faked by anyone with basic printing technology, time and a few household tools. To get the most out of your PVC card security, we always recommend that your cards include holographic visual identification technology. This makes it incredibly difficult to copy a PVC card or alter it in any way without someone easily noticing a discrepancy.

Digital security
The digital security features that a PVC ID card determines how people are able to access certain terminals, entryways, etc. within your organization. Your best options in this regard are magnetic stripes, smart chips and RFID proximity communication capabilities. For example, proximity PVC cards are efficient, secure and they can allow people access without even taking the card out of their bags.

Make sure that you take full advantage of the benefits of PVC cards
A PVC ID card is an outstanding solution to enhance your company‘s productivity and security. For help with choosing the right PVC card features.
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