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Increase Your Gift Card Sales the Easy Way

Remember these following few words as they will increase your gift card sales overnight. These words are “What’s in it for me?”. The truth is, people are selfish even when it comes to gift giving and often don’t spend as much as they would had if they had been buying the gift for themselves. By giving customers a personal benefit or reason to purchase their gift card, our clients report increased sales year after year!
This seemingly obvious solution to create an incentive for the gift giver that lowers their defenses and causes them to spend more will also trigger some of the following behavior.

Increased Impulse Buying
Increased Window Shopping
Effectively Doubles Your Customer Base
Introduces Your Business to New Prospects
Increases the Amount Clients Load Onto Gift Cards
Two Customers for the Price of One

By tying a small gift for the gift giver with the purchase of the gift card you’re essentially doubling your customer base. When someone requests a gift card from your store, it’s essentially a testimonial for you product or service. A trusted friend or family member is really saying, “I really love this place, so much so that I’d love a gift card so I can go shop there.” By adding an incentive for the gift giver you are ensuring they will come back as well and make a purchase, possibly bringing friends of their own!