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The main points of making membership card

      membership card printing

     Membership card making for a lot of people are not very clear, the following to explain the membership card production process should pay attention to some of the problems, so that you can avoid in the process of cooperation with the card factory to reduce the problem.
     1.if the  membership card has a map, you must have a bleeding, bleeding in the punching die cut will be. The standard size of membership card is 85.5mm * 54mm, including the size of the bleeding position is 88.5mm * 57mm.
     2., in the design of membership card production to the business card printing company, please change all the
text content into curves, or in the production may occur content missing. Send a converted file and a JPG format picture so that the file is lost and verified during the transmission.
     3. membership card making document format is best for CORLDRAW, color mode is CMYK. East business card printing
with advanced CTP output, CTP output to CORLDRAW file based. Don‘t set the membership card making color or shading map is less than 8%, can not be presented so as not to finished printing. Offset printing line thickness can not be less than 0.076, otherwise printed lines can not see clearly.
     4. membership card making color is printed according to the standard, because printing will have color
difference, at different times, different people, using different pigments, printed out of color will be biased. If the color particularly demanding customers suggest printing or spot color edition. Or can provide PVC card sample card to the card company reference, so that can avoid some problems.

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