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PVC Transparent business card overview

   Transparent business cards are mainly made of vinyl based polymeric material, which is transparent;
   There are two kinds of printing now:
   1, using wire mesh;
    2, make-up printing, due to the low cost, the mostly used make-up printing;
    Transparent business card is a kind of atmosphere card. Transparent business cards are suitable for
business cards and personalized business cards. Concise business cards are derived from blank spaces. Transparent business cards are used to make the blank "white" more thorough! From the first impression that advertising for psychologists, business negotiation plays a decisive role and has become the choice of many business people name card troubles, expression of a fine texture color with strong tenacity is like a person‘s character name card display, and now everyone is gradually on the PVC card material attention, commonly known as "PVC material the plastic king has a waterproof, discoloration, hard material, good elasticity and other advantages, so as to become business people choose name card display form will be not at all surprising. PVC materials can be found everywhere in people‘s daily life. PVC can not only represent the colors of nature, but also show people‘s fancy colors. PVC business cards have many advantages and gradually replace traditional paper cards as a new generation of social cards. Transparent business card made of transparent PVC material, card appearance is very beautiful, glittering and translucent, also called PVC transparent card for crystal card, currently PVC transparent card is very popularcard, a wide range of applications.Shenzhen Haoyinjia Smart Card Technology Co.,Ltd have more than 15 years experience on card printing service.so.If you want to make your business card,please contact us.The best service and price will be available for you.