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The structure of smart card

       The structure of smart cards consists of three parts,the first parts is that establish a smart card compiler, compiler in smart card used in the development process, from the level of the smart card layout it describes the card initialization and personalization to create all the required data.
       The second parts is that the handling of a smart card operating system.This includes the smart card operating system and the attached part of the smart card application interface.The agent is highly portable and can be integrated into a chip card reader device or PC and client/server system.
       The third parts is thatas a proxy for the smart card application interface.This agent is the interface for the application to the smart card.It helps to manage different smart card agents, and also provides an independent interface to the application‘s smart card type.Because embedded microcontroller chips are installed in smart cards, data can be stored and processed.The value of the card is protected by the user‘s personal identification number ,so only the user can access it.Multifunctional smart card embedded in a high performance CPU, well equipped with the basic software alone, can be increased as freely as the personal computer and change function.The smart card also has a self-imploding device that will automatically disappear if criminals want to open an IC card to obtain information illegally.

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Tel: +86 755 8602 4716
WhatsApp: + 86 189 2745 7513
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