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Paper Scratch Card

     Normally the scratch card will have two material ,one is pvc ,the other one is paper .today we will talk about the paper scratch card .as usual,the paper scratch card will use 300G coated paper ,that is its thickness .for the standard size is 85.54mm with round corner.it is also can be other size and thickness,just as u like .the following is the other detailed information:
    Craft work:4/4 color printing with serial No and Pin No under scratch off strip.the scratch off strip canbe hot stamping or sticky
    Customzied Shape : irregular shaped---Elephants, Apple, Heart, Pear, Car, Circle .etc.
    Scratch panel:Common scratch-off labels, Holographic scratch-off labels
    Surface Treatment:glossy ,matt , dull polish or uv coated.
    Terms of Payment:T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, etc.(50%TT)
    Transport Method:by air, by sea, by express (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT etc).
    Delivery Detail:Shipped in 5-7days after payment
    Packing Details will be like this following or do as your demand :
    Conventional packing---eq: 5,000 pcs/Box---(Boxes size:50.5cm*23cm*25cm)200 Pcs/Box---25 Small Box/Carton . 4,000 pcs/Box---(Boxes size:48cm*22.5cm*24.5cm) 200 Pcs/Box---20 Small Box/Carton
    Paper scratch card can be do full color and the scratch off area can do not only a little size scratch off stripe,but also can be other size and other shape .
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