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Metal Card for New Product

Our factory have a new product that is metal card.
In the past we printing pvc ,transparent or paper card. But now,we will meet you regardless of what you need.

Do you want to know what‘s size is better?
There are some size for your choose:76*44/80*50m/85*54mm.  

Then maybe you will be curious about the thickness.Ask 0.3mm is ok?
Sure!0.3mm is our regular thickness.
But if you want to do 0.4mm,0.5mm.0.6mm even 0.8mm,all are ok.

You must want your card looks beautiful.
So we provide some craft to make your card look good.

Such as color printing,gold/silver plating,engraved,corrosion,brushed craft,those are special craft for metal card.Or if you love simple thing,you can do stainless steel nature color.It would be look good too.If you want to make metal member card,maybe you will add magnetic stripe.
Don‘t worry,there are hico2750,loco 300oe magnetic stripe.As you like.

Or you want the card has a confidentiality,you can tell us which type of chip you want.
Yes we can do that!So exciting,right

We looking forward to you coming and show your metal craft requirement.

Temporarily come to an end,don‘t forget me,Sylvia always here,see you next time!

 Product Show

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