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How to avoid producing scratches on pvc black card

                                          How to avoid producing scratches on pvc black card

      Most of customer like black card.Generally will choose glossy,because it regular surface craft.But face to pvc black card,it won‘t works.

      Let me tell you the reason.

      We know glossy surface easy to has scratches when production process and you using.
      The scratch will very obvious when the card background is black color.

      How to avoid it?

     There are two option.

     Option 1.Choosing matte surface,but matte surface will have a few scratches.What‘s more,need to print individually.So need $65 extra cost.

     Option 2.Choosing frosted surface.Definitely there won‘t scratch whatever production process and you using it.If you are urgent,you can pay $65.Because it also print individually.
     But if you willing wait 7-15 days.You don‘t need to pay that cost.
     Speaking of frosted surface,i Love it very much!
     Because it has nice touch feel,and looks like very beautiful!

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