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India customer came to visit

       18th January,our Indian customer Sandeep had visited our factory.He was satified with our factory output. Our boss and my colleague Shirely and me with Sandeep had lunch together.

       On morning,I was responsible for picking Sandeep up.I went to the hotel by bus,and sited in a chair in the hall,waited forhim to go downstairs.Then we had coffee.We came back to our factory after he returned the cloths.Our manager and my colleague Shirely were already waiting Sandeep’s coming at factory. We had a simple talking at meeting room after I indroduced them each other.
      Then we went to visit our factory,in turn,is offset printing department,silk-printing department,synthesisdepartment,lamination department,punch press department,quality inspection department,data department,packaging department.Sandeep We provided 500 pcs pvc sample cards to Sandeep,let he make a test and comfirm the thickness whether meet his requirement. He said he was confidence with our factory to meet his large order!We gave him a gift ,beautiful metal bookmarks which is our product.He very like it!
      Finally,we had lunch together,it was a happy time.We communicated with different places with different eating habits. After finished the lunch,because Sandeep need to meet his friend,so we sent him to the metro station. We looking forward Sandeep come to here again and every customer‘s visiting.

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