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Company activities of decorate the office

    Today ,our term just decorate the office ,and everybody work harder ,in order to make the office become more and more beatiful ,Our team work together, divided into three groups, a group of two people, and has a competition that who completed faster.everyone focus on the work that they owned .

    firstly , victoria‘s term need to finish the sticker map,that is a little hard,cause the map was separated in so many pieces and it is difficult for Victoria and her patner jiaojiao to let them combine one by one,but our company‘s culture tell us ,"Everything is difficult ,don‘t give up ,cause when u try your best to do that ,u be find something special!" .so Victoria and jiaojiao finished at the end .they are so proud of themselves,cause they insist on finally .Secondly,There are meaningful for shirley‘s term ,cause they want to make the dream tree for the company‘s members.everyone will put their A5 sheet paper to strick in the wall,which area is belong to the dream tree. that is full hope for the whole company and each one .that is new year ,2017 , everyone will have their wonderful dream.let us give the best wishes to each one on 2017 year.
      Thirdly,Alice‘s tream, they need to clean the whole office.the great job must be the cleaner,they are so serious, and kind, always quietly for others to their own effort.but sometimes we maybe lose oue eyes to them, actually,they can let u work comfortable in the  comfortable environment,and make your eyes see many beautiful flowers,trees,when on the park,on the office,on the way home, anywhere . let‘s show gratitude to Alice‘s term and each cleaner!they deserve it !One term ,need to unitive,like a wolf pack,so it can succed and pull through any troubles.we do this ,and you ?

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