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Special VIP customers come to visit our factory

         Today is a special day for our factory ,because we are happy to meet our new big customer from Lebanon and Italy. Hassan is from Lebanon and he has came to china for many years and now live in guangzhou.
         Today,he come to visit our factory to check the card‘s quality with his good friend ,which one is also our customer.Hassan is a gentle,talkative ,funny and smart man.he can speak 7 languages including chinese . and when u arrive at our factory , he is so surprise and said that our factory‘s working environment is so good , and the quality checking department‘s work is amazing,the girl check the card‘s surface quality use her hand is so fastest and the work is so good , the bad surface can be found even thought the speed is so fastest . our workers in factory who are all trained again and again ,and than when passed the exam ,he can work in facroty,if not,he will continue training till pass the exam.
        Quality is our company‘s culture and the customer‘s satisfaction is our honour . we are so pleasure that can receive this good praise from Hassan and his friend .Hassan express a good wish to us that would like to establish a long term business relationship with our company. we also so pleasure that can have this friendship with Hassan.hope we all be better and better in the furture !
        Cheers for friendship of Hassan with us !
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